Date: 30 July 2017

The recent Waimak Floods were a bit of a shock to people in the community with some alarming images. But thankfully many people in the Waimakariri area have not suffered big set backs, but were inconvenienced for awhile. Further wet weather came but it was not as heavy as before.

Life has gone on for many. But the floods have given pause for local residents to think about how flooding may affect them in future, and what might be needed to build local resilience.

Elsewhere the weather has not been kind. Otago has had to deal with the weather’s ramifications, and over 100 houses had to be evacuated. Residents in Otago are angry and demanding more protection from their local councils.

Many services returned relatively quickly. The main issues affecting mainly Waimak residents now appear to be potholes which roading contractors are attending to.

Anyone still having property issues due to the flood are recommended to contact the Waimak District Council onĀ 0800 965 468.