According to the latest WDC August 2017 council minutes report:

Carryover of the Community Boards’ Discretionary Fund from 2016/17
to 2017/2018 – E Cordwell (Governance Advisor)
Moved Councillor Felstead seconded Councillor Doody THAT the Council:
(a) Receives report No. 170620062842.
(b) Approves the carryovers of:
* $633.25 for the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board
* $3,054.04 for the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board and
* $200.00 for Woodend-Sefton Community Board
(c) Notes sufficient funding exists from the 2017/18 financial year without
causing an increase in rates.

That’s a total of $3887.29 worth of unused funds tagged for Community purposes! In the minutes:”Mayor Ayers commented that carry-overs were not sustainable, and encouraged the Community Boards to review their balances regularly to ensure funds were spent in the financial year. He cited previous examples of gifting funds to community groups. He encouraged the community boards to spread the word among their networks and organisations.”

The Community Boards and Ward Advisory Board have money available for grants to non-profit community-based organisations, registered charities or incorporated societies. Community groups are encouraged to consider using the funds to assist in their local community.

To learn more about getting funding for your own community group, including grant application forms, check out the Waimakariri District Council Website by clicking here.

Waimakariri Community Boards are due to meet in September 2017 according to their schedules, however the WDC website states there will be no October meetings.