The Good Drop is Rangiora’s new local craft beer fillery! The boutique liquor store was recently established in the past couple of months. It’s been welcomed by locals looking for their fresh craft beer and cider fix. got to talk to Dave Wilmott, owner of the Good Drop, and learn more about beer, the store as well as doing business in Rangiora.

What is the Good Drop all about?

The Good Drop is a new and exciting way to buy high quality boutique craft beer and cider. We offer customers a “Craft Beer Experience” in which they can have free tastings while learning about the different beers and the brewers behind them. We sell empty bottles to fill or the customer can bring in their own clean and re-sealable bottles for us to fill. The refillable bottles are better for the environment too!

Our 20 taps offer a range which is ever changing so expect something new each time you visit. Our menu is available on our website, Facebook and on When a new beer comes on tap the menus update in real-time so you can always check out what’s on offer before coming in.


What sort of beers and other beverages do you offer?

Our range is ever changing but we like to keep a balance between Hoppier Pale Ales, Lagers & Pilsners, Darker styles, and the odd Sour, Saison, and Belgian ale thrown in from time to time. We also try to have 2 or 3 craft ciders available. For the beer, our emphasis is on local breweries so the line-up is quite parochially “Cantabrian”. We do feature beer from other regions too but only when it is complementary to the local product.



What motivated you to open the Good Drop?

For many years I was commuting to Christchurch for work and as my tastes for quality beer developed I had no trouble finding something interesting that I could bring home with me. Once I stopped commuting about 3 years ago I realised just how much of a craft beer desert Rangiora was. I started my own beer label – “Yellow Box Brewing” – and dreamed of having a tap room to sell it from. The tap room never quite eventuated but the idea of a fillery with numerous breweries on show seemed like a great alternative.


What’s popular at the moment in store?

Apple Crumble cider is always in demand. We endeavour to have it always available. It’s sweet and very flavoursome – quite literally just like liquid apple crumble! India Pale Ale’s are always popular too, and with the warmer weather we’ve had this summer we have had to keep a good number of Pilsners on tap to meet demand.



What are some of your favourite drops?

I do tend to favour the hoppier, more bitter pale ales. On a hot day though, a Pilsner is quite often the perfect drop – especially after mowing the lawns or exercise!


How has the first six months been for your business?

Quite unbelievable to be honest. The feedback we receive from our customers is amazing and I feel quite privileged to have created something that so many good people seem to feel so strongly about. I am quite passionate about our High Street and the shopping experience it offers. My vision has always been that The Good Drop will add something of significance to that experience.


You’re getting rave reviews on Facebook. What are some of your tips for giving great customer service?

We try to acknowledge every single person as they walk in the door, no matter how busy we are. Customer engagement in the showroom is critical – we value every one of our customers and we want them to feel that they are valued. The product we sell is of premium quality too so we go to great lengths to have it delivered to the customer in the best condition it can be.


Are there any tips you would give to people wanting to start a business in Rangiora?

Do lots of research and be realistic with your goals. Everything everybody says about the first couple of years being the hardest is true!

Try to make your business stand out in some way. Take time to look at it from the outside in and review everything all the time. It also helps to join a local business networking group to put yourself and your business in front of other like-minded people.

You should also seek out as much advice as you can. Listen to your heart but do keep an open mind.


About The Good Drop

Rangiora’s local craft beer fillery! A boutique liquor store with a great range of locally crafted brews and beers. Their range is ever changing so you can always get to try the latest offerings from the greatest brewers from Canterbury and beyond. Taste the beer at its freshest – the way it’s meant to be!! Tastings available.

Address: 7 Durham Street Rangiora. Just past the Pita Pit Rangiora, and Columbus Coffee.

Phone:  027 662 6782