‘Gardens of Fernside’ Garden Tour showcases spectacular gardens, here you can view amazing sculptures, vege plots and themed gardens.

We have lunch available to pre order for $20, music, flowers and the famous PIMMS garden.

Fernside School also offers FREE entry into its Market Day, a fair-like atmosphere with good food and garden/outdoor themed stalls. Great Christmas shopping here!

Event Details
Nov 25th, 2018
Various gardens around Fernside District and Market at Fernside School
$25 Garden ticket, or $45 Tour ticket and gourmet lunch box.

Organiser Information

Contact: Gardens of Fernside
Phone: 0273052414
Email: kerenthomps@hotmail.com



About Fernside School
Fernside School is a Full Primary School located 4 kms to the West of Rangiora and 25-30 kms northeast of Christchurch. The school has an approximate roll of 290 pupils with staffing of 16 teachers in either full-time or part-time positions. There are fourteen classrooms with multi-level teaching in all rooms. Fernside School is a Decile 10 school.
Fernside School is set on spacious grounds and serves as the nucleus of a strong sporting community. Other facilities include a community-size swimming pool with changing sheds, four tennis courts (shared with tennis and netball clubs), garage and large playing areas. The Fernside Community Hall is adjacent to the school and available for school use. The school enjoys strong community spirit.


Emotional Environment:

The school has a friendly and welcoming environment. Students mix well with each other and have good relationships with their teachers. The senior students actively care for the junior students of the school.
There is an active peer mediation programme in place, an enthusiastic school council and two senior classes of Year 7/8 students who take on important responsibilities within the school.

The school has an effective behaviour management programme that deals consistently and fairly with the small number of incidents which occur at the school.


Achievement information:

Fernside School has a proven record of strong academic performance. Children’s achievement levels are high, particularly in numeracy. Feedback from all high school’s supports this.

Results of standardised tests are above national averages. The school’s impressive performance is due to well constructed teaching programmes, experienced staff and great parental support, especially from a committed BOT and PTA. School programmes are well resourced, and the school is well funded to meet the learning needs of students.

Fernside School has been known for it’s high levels of student performance in core curriculum. In the last two years the school has attempted to meet the requirements of the National Standards Legislation. This has been a difficult process and one which can only be truly judged within the school context. When judged by our school staff against our own interpretation of the standards we find approximately 80% of our children are at or above the National Standard at their age-level.

In other curriculum areas Fernside students continue to achieve. There has been a strong focus on oral language and all children are able to speak confidently in public. We have an active debating programme in the senior school and a focus on the school speech and poetry competition. We have a school wide music programme with specialist teaching in both music and PE/health.

Students are positive about learning and enthusiastically embrace all areas of the curriculum. They are involved in a regular sports interchange, regular school arts performances and a developing second languages programme.

To learn more about Fernside school please visit their website: http://www.fernside.school.nz/