A project at the new subdivision of Ravenswood has been a center of environmental care, innovation and collaboration for Ngai Tahu and Enviornment Canterbury.



Ravenswood has some relatively new, environmentally friendly innovations, including biodegradable coconut matting to prevent river erosion. Subdivision developers are now a lot more conscious of environmental consumers. Eels have also been relocated for the good of the ecosystem.


Northern outlook reporter Emma Dangerfield reports:

The works began with the relocation of more than 1,000 tuna (eels), carried out last month. Eels were trapped then released upstream of the work site.

ECan compliance officer Joe Jagusch said one of the key drivers behind the design was keeping the Waihora Stream alive via a diversion through the Taranaki Stream. […]

The use of biodegradable coconut matting had become more common with subdivision developments over the last decade, Jagusch said.

“Everyone realises that this matting is the best option because it is natural and breaks down into the soil as the plants grow through without having any negative impact on the environment and waterways.”

The matting itself will biodegrade in 6 to 12 months, and plants will be able to grow through it. To learn more about the environmental initiatives check out the videos below.


It’s really good to have the different parties involved, with Environment Canterbury and the ecologists on site, and it actually shows the guys we’re taking the environment seriously and it makes them step up their game as well. And they can actually see the results. For example the guys are really interested to see what is caught in the rivers,  they want to do their part too to make sure they can protect it so their grand kids can come here and fish, and they can have a legacy to say I helped build that and I helped protect that.

~ Michael Lester, Environmental Advisor, Citycare Group

About Ravenswood

The new development will be a boost for the North Canterbury population. Checkout the Ravenswood website which includes information on sections, house and land packages, commercial and industrial packages, as well as a buyers guide. https://www.ravenswood.co.nz/

A New World supermarket, McDonald’s restaurant and BP service station with cafe are among the confirmed anchor tenants.  The news will also be welcome to the neighboring town of Amberley, which can expect their commute to the nearest McDonald’s to be cut by 20 minutes both ways.

Ravenswood Developments has appointed BG Contracting as its preferred tenderer to undertake the civil works for the new residential area, 20 kilometres north of Christchurch. Work is now being undertaken for the residential area in Stage 1A. Titles are expected in July 2018.

About Ravenswood Environmental Initiatives