Enable is picking up the pace in installing fibre for Rangiora. It’s becoming a welcome addition, and allowing Rangiora to be part of a growing network of other fibre-enabled towns including Rolleston.


“To see 1,000 local families and businesses embrace the potential of fibre broadband in such a short time in Rangiora is very exciting. We now have over 2,500 customers connected across the town,” said Enable Chief Executive, Steve Fuller.


Enable is part of the ultra-fast broadband initiative. It’s wholly owned by Christchuch City Holdings, the commercial arm of the Christchurch City Council.


Installing fibre is part of the ABC system which states in essence:

  • Agree – A technician meets with you to talk you through an installation plan. It normally takes an hour. Fibre will have to be installed to your house. This part can be tricky as some technicians think differently than others, and if one technician says fibre’s impractical for your property you may wish to get a second opinion.
  • Build – The fibre is built from the road to your house. A small box is installed on the outside of your house.
  • Connect – Fibre is brought inside your house.


Want to see if your Rangiora property can get fibre? Checkout Enable’s fibre network check here.