Drivers will need to slow down around Rangiora once new speed limits come into effect.

The Waimakariri District Council approved the new, reduced, limits at its meeting last week, which impact a number of roads in the Mandeville area.

Community engagement was carried out around Mandeville in March with a series of drop-in sessions to determine residents’ views on reducing the speed on Wards, Dawsons and Bradleys Rds.

The speed limit on Tram Rd was also debated however it has been decided this will be readdressed once a detailed design has been worked out for the new commercial area.


It’s known that:

  • Cul-de-sacs and access roads will be classified as 50kmh for consistency with other roads in the area.
  • Lower limits are introduced due to changes in the Mandeville area, from what was predominantly rural blocks to more residential blocks.
  • The current 70kmh limit on Kippenberger Ave from Watkins Pl to east of Devlin Pl will be reduced to 50kmh, while Northbrook Rd will see traffic slowed from 100kmh to 50kmh.
  • Kippenberger Ave/Rangiora Woodend Rd will be classified 80kmh and 100kmh limits on Lehmans Rd and River Rd will also be reduced to 80kmh.