Waimakariri District Council councilors voted by nine to two to proceed with a $27.85 million multi-sport stadium. The stadium will be located at Coldstream Road, Rangiora, and completion is expected by September 2020.

An amendment to extend the project deadline to ward off a one stage credit downgrade to AA- was unsuccessful. Retiring mayor David Ayers has been quoted as saying “We don’t have a financial problem. We have an AA credit rating, which is better than the banks and better than any other council in the South Island.”

It’s been indicated while a slight downgrade may have small drawbacks with an extra $10,000 to pay back, but that there will be an overall financial and social benefit to the Waimakariri district. This will include unlocking potential in younger residents, attracting new sporting talent to the Waimakariri region as well as creating jobs. For instance to slightly exaggerate the benefits, the next Dan Carter could come out of the Waimakariri thanks to providing facilities to develop the talents of young people.

The council has stated on their website:

needs assessment and a functional design brief has been completed, which details the spaces required to meet the needs of our growing community’s demand for a multi-use district wide space to accommodate a broad range of indoor sport and recreation pursuits, like:

Basketball, Netball, Futsal, Roller Derby, Tag Archery, Korfball, Handball, Badminton, Indoor Bowls, and Table Tennis


The ASAP build of the stadium was considered a first-preference by council as it:

  • provides capacity to accommodate existing needs and future growth and demand sooner

  • is complementary to existing community facilities across the District

  • is central for indoor ball sports within North Canterbury.


The new facility will be welcome by less conventional sports, including the local North Canterbury Roller Derby team which in 2016 had  struggles asking neighbouring Hurunui Council for a potential Roller Derby facility. Rangiora’s neighbour towns will also welcome the new facility.