Get ready for Muscle Car Madness!

Attention: Automotive enthusiasts, Retro enthusiasts, and family orientated nice people. 

Muscle Car Madness is an annual automotive excellence show, with exhibitors travelling on their pilgrimage, to display to the public their prized possessions. The exhibitors arrive at the Rangiora Show Grounds for the last weekend of January. There will be live bands all weekend. Parking is expected to be very limited, so it may pay to walk and/or car pool.

When: Fourth weekend in January (27th and 28th Jan 2018). January the 25th for vehicle displays, Friday 26th for trade displays etc, Spectator. Public hours are 10-5pm each day.

Where: Rangiora licensed A&P Show Grounds, Ashley St, Rangiora, Canterbury – New Zealand.

Rates and rules

Spectators $18.00 adults, chaperoned kids 15 and under are $0.00 free zip nada zero; the public are welcome to view the displayed vehicles on the Saturday and the Sunday – limited parking onsite and alongside the show grounds; so bring sunscreen and don’t (do not) leave valuables or animals in the parked locked car, this is a family event, no animals is a new rule, none welcome. NO Animals.

Anyone interested is encouraged to read the event rules and conditions on the Muscle Madness website. Pay particular attention to the no animals, no alcohol, no thieves and no fights rule.

Pre-show Muscle Car Madness Downtown Street Party

Brought to you by Rangiora Promotions and in partnership with Stottle Promotions the Muscle Car Madness Downtown Street Party is the ‘taster’ before the annual Car Show on the weekend!

The Downtown Street Party will feature up to 250 Classic Cars, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Bikes & Trikes. Join the Downtown Street Party in High Street Rangiora in the build up to the annual Muscle Car Madness Show weekend at the Rangiora A&P Showgrounds on the 27th and 28th of January.

Bring the family along and enjoy some dinner from one of Rangiora’s many local eateries and enjoy tow live music zones along the street. The majority of our retailers will be open so make sure you visit them to see what great options we have ‘out here in Rangiora’



The last muscle car madness was a great hit! Make sure not to miss this one.