A recent guide to meth testing and decontamination of properties has been released by Standard New Zealand.

Standards New Zealand reports:

“Access to this standard has been sponsored by agencies who have an interest in making the standard freely accessible. These agencies identified the importance of enabling staff of local councils, industry, landlords and the public to access a PDF copy of standard free online.”

Application of the standard will provide assurance that activities such as screening, testing, assessing, and decontamination of contaminated properties and disposal of their contents are carried out following good practice.

The standard was developed by a committee of 21 experts across relevant industries in the public and private sector. These included sampling and testing operators, decontamination contractors, property investment and property management interests, the insurance sector, local authorities, public health authorities, and laboratories. Central and local government were also represented.”

The standard will help clarify businesses cleaning up methamphetamine detected in houses, and help ensure the safety of New Zealanders and property owners.

The Insurance Council has chimed in supporting the meth standard stating:
“On balance, insurers support the increase from 0.5µ/100cm2 to 1.5µ/100cm2 which better reflects the current scientific understanding of the health risks of methamphetamine” he said.

“With the requirement in the new standard for sampling and remediation companies to be independent from each other, the Insurance Council believes there will be less room in the market for the “cowboy” clean up companies that prey on the fears of tenants and landlords. […]

“Property owners need to be made aware of the requirement to disclose methamphetamine contamination in the properties to their insurer.”

While not an apparent significant issue in Rangiora compared to other regions, data collected by MethSolutions showed that using their methods 30% of South Island homes tested positive for methamphetamine.

The standard is freely available and can be downloaded from the Standards New Zealand website.