In this lifestyle video Denrio teaches you how to edit awesome photos on your smart phone,

like the ones from’s Instagram.


SnapSeed is a fantastic app for photo editing made by Google. Denrio shows you how you can use it to edit your image for maximum impact. You can search for Snapseed in the Google Play store with your phone!




Ensure your image is aligned the way you want it to be using the rotation tool. Horizontal is comforting to the eye but different angles can draw attention to certain photo characteristics.

You can put your finger on the screen to rotate your image. Or use the left or right arrows to rotate the image at 90 degree angles.


Tune Image
Tune Image deals with exposure and colour.

Tap to automatically adjust the tonality of an image. For more precise adjustments, swipe vertically on the image to access the edit menu. Once an option has been selected, swipe horizontally to enhance.

The menu includes:

  • Brightness – Darken or lighten the image itself.
  • Contrast – Increase or decrease the image’s overall difference in colour.
  • Saturation – Add or remove the vividness and vibrancy of colors within the image.
  • Ambiance  – Adjust the balance of light in the entire image.
  • Shadows – Lighten or darken the shadows within the image.
  • Highlights – Darken or lighten only the highlights within the image.
  • Warmth – Add a warm reddish or cool blueish color tinge across the entire image.



You can change details to make the subject pop or be more fluid. Swipe vertically on the image to select between Structure or Sharpening. Then, swipe horizontally to enhance.

  • Structure – Increases or decreases image definition detail. A higher structure will give you a more HDR photo. Structure uses a unique technique to bring textures out of objects within the photo, without affecting edges of the photo’s objects.
  • Sharpening – Increase or decrease the amount of sharpness/clearness and detail within an image. Too much sharpness may make your image look pointy.



Adding a vignette can be an awesome to amplify your images. Tap and drag the blue dot onto the subject of your image. Use the pinching gesture to either expand or restrict the vignette’s own size of influence. Swipe vertically on the image to select either Outer Brightness or Inner Brightness, then swipe horizontally to enhance:

  • Outer Brightness – Swipe to the right to brighten the outer edges of the image, or swipe to the left to darken.
  • Inner Brightness – Swipe to the right to brighten the center of the image, or swipe to the left to darken.

Vignettes are a great way to brighten up only certain aspects of a photo or correct a light imbalance.



Credit to for the video.

Credit to Google for their awesome Snapsheed documentation.