Will you join the movement and stop sucking?

That’s the question from Plastic Straw Free Rangiora. It’s a new initiative which aims to educate about plastic pollution and encourages people to ask for ‘No Straw Please’ , as a first step to making Rangiora an eco-friendly and plastic-free town.

Elisa Leach, owner of Foods of Desire and Reaity Bites, is spearheading a campaign to rid Rangiora of unnecessary plastic waste, starting with the plastic drinking straw.

She mentions:

“I noticed it was evolving in the first cafe. People are concerned about factory farming, they are more aware about free range.”

“When we opened Fools of Desire we started using metal straws which was a bit of a novelty.”

“It’s such a massive problem that it’s easy to be overwhelmed, but collectively, if we all put our heads together, we could become a real beacon for other towns.”

Lorella Doherty from New Plymouth recently featured in Stuff for her collection of plastic straw’s which she’s been keeping in her basement, including a basket of 700 straws. 

Straw and stirrers also came out 7th out of the top 10 collected items from a 2017 International Coast Clean Up initiative, after grocery bags, plastic lids, cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic bottles, and plastic bottle caps. Just recently the NZ government has moved to ban microbeads from wash-off products from roughly May 2018 in an effort to curb plastic pollution. New World, Pak’n Save and Four Square stores all stopped selling microbead products from July 1 2017.

Plastic straws can be one of the easiest plastic items to give up, because you don’t generally need a reusable replacement, because most people can sip their drink. However a number of alternatives are available including:

  • Steel straws
  • Glass straws
  • Bamboo straws

The Plastic Straw Free Rangiora is gaining traction. Check out their facebook page to learn more!