Rangiora’s Town Hall is a is a multiplex cinema complex and entertainment venue.

It provides a range of of Movies, Plays and Live Operas for your viewing pleasure.

Originally built at a cost of £10,850, the historic Rangiora Town Hall opened on 27 May 1926 as Everybody’s Cinema. Being the first cinema screen to open in Canterbury and seating 600, the main hall was designed to host both moving pictures, and live performances.

In 1931, the name was changed to the Regent Theatre and over the following years the building went through a number of alterations.

They have an in-house film experts and historians, who operate and bring their legendary good taste in contemporary film to the theater-goers of Rangoria, and the Canterbury region.

Award winning wines and selected craft beers, along with your favourite classic movie fare, promises to enhance your Town Hall experience.

There’s also a membership club with discounts and bonuses!

303 High Street, Rangiora

Contact details
Phone: 03 310 7240
Email: info@townhallcinemas.co.nz
Website: https://townhallcinemas.co.nz/