What could the proposed WDC Development plan mean for rural development in Rangiora?


The plan outlines the following approaches in Rural Development:

Rural Development Approaches

Option 1: Increase the minimum lot size (from the current 4 hectare District Plan minimum) throughout the Rural Zone

Option 2: Increase the minimum lot size in parts of the Rural Zone


Rural Residential Development Approaches

Option 1: New rural residential areas identified and co-located with existing rural residential areas or on the edge of existing towns. This assumes no intensification in existing rural residential areas.

Option 2: Intensification within existing rural residential areas (e.g. enable larger lots to be subdivided down to 2500m2). This assumes no new rural residential areas provided.


It appears Rangiora can expect from this plan a lot more houses, particularly around rural areas with subdivisions where housing hasn’t normally been there before. With the provision of the northern motorway, and new subdivisions popping up annually, as well as a reasonable commute to Christchurch, many prospective home owners will see potential in moving to Rangiora.  It could also be expected that more residents and contractors could be out on the rural roads while Rangiora undergoes further development.

Some rural land owners may find the use of their own land, especially those facing retirement, is to sell up and move closer to town.  Others may move further afield and farm on bigger lots after selling their previous plot at a premium. However the property market can be a unwieldy at times, and some may prefer to sit on their land and wait for a good opportunity to sell.


You can checkout full district development draft plan at: