Who’s coming to town? That’s the question around a new development at the High Street Business Park. Briscoes, The Warehouse, Noel Leeming and others have set up shop in the area. But some new car parks, walk ways and buildings are being set up to accommodate new potential tenants.

Recently it was reported by Stuff that Burger King is eyeing up a prime location in High Street at the Red Lion corner, and that the A&P Building will house a new bar venue for North Canterbury residents.

Even Bunnings has set up shop, realising Rangiora is the logical choice for their business to be!

Rumours of what new developments are afoot include Burger Fuel, Kmart, EB Games, Lighting Plus and Bed Bath and Beyond. Certainly any one of these stores by themselves could force an annual weekend commute from further afield for interested North Cantabs, and offer a lively shopping experience in a comfortable town. New job opportunities and business opportunities could be afoot for local residents.