Location: Rangiora High School, 125 East Belt, Rangiora, Waimakariri
Time: Saturday 16 September 2017 10:00am and Sunday 17 September 2017 10:00am

The Women’s Street Smart workshops are a friendly, educational environment, where instructors know that some of the participants may have already been a victim, they know not to spend too much time talking and utilise as much time as possible demonstrating and practising.

So what sort of things can you expect to learn at this workshop?

– You learn the vital parts of the body – parts of the body that are vulnerable & easy to attack.
– Learn how to defend yourself against slaps, punches, pushes & grabs.
– Learn to defend yourself against headlock’s, hair grabbing, wrist grabs.
– Learn how to defend yourself against choke holds.
– Learn how to block an attack confidently.
– Learn how to use your hands, legs, knees & elbows.
– Learn to defend yourself against many other types of attacks with confidence.
– Plus lots more.

Each of the techniques are easy to learn, easy to remember and easy to execute

At the Women’s Street Smart workshop, we do not teach you how to go toe to toe with an attacker, or how to trade punches and kicks with someone. the workshop teaches you how to avoid certain situations, to become aware of the environment around you, but most of all it teaches you how to protect yourself or a loved one, should you find yourselves being attacked or assaulted. What we teach is dealing with the worse case scenario when the de-escalation has failed, there’s no obvious way to escape and it all turns physical.

This is the seventh year that we’ve been running the free workshops for the community, all you need to take with you is a positive attitude, comfortable clothing, a drinks bottle and towel plus something to eat during the breaks. Please note that the workshop takes people out of their comfort zone and can be both physically and mentally demanding at times.

The workshop starts at 10.00am sharp
Please note this is a two-day workshop, what’s learnt on day one carries through to the second day.

For more details contact Charlie (S.A.F.E Self Defence & Close Quarters Combat) on:

Telephone: 09 536 6367
Mobile: 027 368 9245
Email: info@selfdefencecourses.co.nz

Please Note: Don’t think that because the workshops are free they are going to be watered down or a waste of time attending…when it comes to self-defense and personal safety the lead instructor and owner Charlie Riley does not do things in half measures. The Women’s Street Smart workshops are probably one of the best, practical, comprehensive and informative self-defense workshops for women in New Zealand. Workshops offering only a small amount of what’s taught can cost you hundreds of dollars per person elsewhere.

Not sure then read some of the many testimonials S.A.F.E Self Defence receives on our website.